A group of Graphic Designer, web Designer and Photographer firm. Our highly respected creative Designs and Services to organizations and businesses in the Dallas, Texas and San Francisco Bay Area, California. NAPHIC DESIGNS creates modern, clean, sophisticated and widely acclaimed design solutions for clients across the globe. Our deliverables cross over into multiple industries, mediums and markets affording us the ability to offer a wide range of design services for local merchants to large corporations.



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Design is about presenting your message to the world. Good design does this as simply and beautifully as possible. Our goal is to help you present your message in a very modern and clean way; keeping the target market in mind every step of the way.



    Nazli Rezaei
    Graphic Designer & Art Director

    She is an Iranian-American Graphic Designer who was founded
    her Studio in 2005 NAPHIC DESIGNS. Nazli graduated with
    Graphic Design degree from ALZHRAH (FRAH) University of
    Tehran, with Computer Graphic degree from School of Art
    Chalmers of U.K and with Digital Media & Production degree
    from West Valley College U.S.A.
    Her design history began in Persia, Iran, the country of beauty
    and color. She combined modern and traditional themes in her
    unique style. Her works incorporate modern concepts that
    blend traditional patterns, colors, and cultures making her
    designs distinct and unique.Her art projects and designs
    are still Iranian symbols that havebroken geography and political borders.
    Nazli Rezaei has won 2010 PRIZE FOR THE BEST DESIGNER